Our Wedding-June 18, 2011

Here is the wedding bio. I'm still waiting on some of the professional photos to come in, but I'm going to slowly add to this site as we go. A quick summary of the day:
It definitely didn't go down as expected. I have dreamt about getting married in my grandmother's backyard for  a long time, and have dreamt about having a dance outdoors under the moonlight for just as long. When I woke up on the 18th, and it was pouring rain, I knew we may be headed for some trouble. We knew when we started planning that rain was always a possibility, the weather in the midwest is always a little predicatable, but I also knew that by mid-June typically we were in for some good weather, not to hot, not to cold, minimal rain. But just in case we reserved a large tent and planned on having everything take place in the tent if it was needed. Well, we needed it. In the end though, it worked out. We got married in a very light rain, surrounded by our family and friends who were adamant that we still have the ceremony outside. The reception was better than we'd imagined and all of my fears about it being boring were quickly wiped a way. People had a great time, the food was amazing, and the party lasted until the wee hours of the morning.